Pearl One Ring Knuckle Duster Clutch

Accessorize with timeless pearls. Use this hard case one ring clutch to add some elegance to any look.

Clutch purses are always classy. Even if their inherent design is modern and chic they always have an air of sophistication about them that is sure to jazz up any outfit and any look. But just like any other fashion accessory, a clutch can define your look and add a bit of character. If you’re looking for a classy, elegant and timeless look, then look no further than this pearl embellished hard box knuckle duster bag to add some old school oomph to your ensemble.

Pearls are timeless beauties. They add a sense of Old Hollywood class while remaining simple and sweet. Because of its relatively simplistic style, it can be worn with multiple looks and styles. The classic go-to is, of course, a simple, timeless dress. This bag is a little dressier than most handbags and goes spectacularly with any evening or formal wear. Match it with satin or chiffon, lace and ribbons, and this bag will fit right in. Its sheer, pale appearance also makes it the perfect clutch for any bride, mimicking the more classic wedding attire and decor styles. White, pink and black are all acceptable colors but theses color combinations can work wonders with other outfits as well.

We all have a little black dress we rely on when it comes to last minute party invites and as our favorite go-to ensemble. But you always want to accessorize it differently than last time, right? The point of the little black dress is to have a versatile go-to dress that can be made up in a multitude of ways so it never looks the same, no matter where you’re going. You can dress up this little number with one of these pearl one ring clutches easily, especially if your black dress is sleek and simple. The dynamic pearl hard case will add some texture to your look and a purse in either the pink or white will pop against your dress nicely. Similarly, if you’re having a hard time finding a bag for a colored dress, then the black pearl clutch will work perfectly. The dark pearls are a little more understated but will still add texture and depth to your look, not to mention black matches absolutely everything!

And don’t be afraid to add this little accessory to a more casual outfit as well. Even though it may be designed or described as a bridal clutch, you can absolutely feel free to wear it on a night out or even use it to jazz up a more casual, but flirty, date outfit.

You can find all three colors of the pearl embellished hard box knuckle duster bag at Chicastic.

Pearl Clutches

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