Five Ways to Style a Sundress


Some summer essentials can really go a long way if we know how to work with them. Here are some ways of fashioning your summer sundress.

Summer is on its way and with it come a plethora of special seasonal pieces we only really get to see once a year. While we may be tempted to buy an entire new wardrobe there are plenty of ways to make a good handful of basics go a long way. When you know how to style your basics you will not only have a foundation for creating outfits but you’ll have more than one way to wear any single item, giving your wardrobe it’s absolute maximum potential.

One great summer staple is the sundress. It’s simple and easy but there is more than one way to wear it. Here are some suggestions that can help prolong the life of your summer looks.

1. Wear a scarf to add some dimension. This is great for cooler evenings or days, making this look appropriate for spring as well. You can even create different effects if you have a collection of different colored and patterned scarves as well.

2.Wear it under a vest. Whether it’s crochet, denim or otherwise, this can help create a more dynamic look and can even be worn with different vests on different days to match differing occasions, too.

3. Pair it with a sweater or top. This look creates more of a casual look, transforming your dress into more of a skirt as well. Mix and match with different tops and even sport it in the colder months and layer with thick stockings, cardigans and boots.

4. You can even extend the life of your dress even more by wearing it with a slim leather jacket or fitted blazer. You can wear it during cooler weather and even into the early autumn. Depending on the jacket you choose you can make your dress look more posh and polished or more rocker chick and city sleek.

5. Shoes and tights can also make a world of difference when creating different looks. Strappy sandals and heels will have a drastically different effect than knee high boots or sneakers. It all depends on the look you’re going for and where you’re headed. Plus, different styled tights can transform the effect of your dress as well. You can go with a pattern, a bold color, an interesting texture or crochet to give your dress a completely different look. Plus, mixing and matching tights with different shoes can bring on even more possibilities.

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