How to Wear Dark Colors in Spring


Dark colors don’t have to disappear now that winter is over. Use them to your advantage and let them help you create spring appropriate outfits as well.

It’s true that winter may be over and all of the bright pastels and rich earth tones are coming out of fashion hibernation, but that does not at all mean that dark colors have to completely disappear. While it is customary for spring collections to feature lighter colors, you can find ways to make some of your winter wear last through this transitional season and add some balance to your ensembles. Not only that, but using darker colors in spring ensembles will help your lights seem brighter and take more effect as well.

When it comes to shoes, dark can never go wrong, especially when they’re black. Never be afraid to give those cute little ankle booties some extra life by wearing them well into the spring and even the summer. These little bad boys can be worn with skinnies just as well as long flowy skirts and even shorts. And don’t be afraid to invest in those black strappy heels or gladiator sandals. These neutral shoes will go with everything and can be mixed and matched with different styles quite easily. Black is the essential neutral and provide the perfect go-to items, especially when you’re crafting outfits on the go.

Some materials are never appropriate for spring or summer, and not because it’s a fashion faux pas but because they are simply too heavy for the warmer weather. Velvet, suede or other thick and heavy materials may need to take a back seat until next autumn, but items that are lighter in weight but still dark in color can be added to your spring and summer wardrobe easily. Dark tops can be easily paired with pastel colored skinny jeans or light flowy skirts to add some contrast. Similarly, you can use darker pieces, whether they be clothing or accessories, to either stand out in an outfit of otherwise light or brighter colors, or alternatively use it as a backdrop to display pastels or metallics.

Don’t forget about accessories, either. Darker colored jewelry, scarves, belts, bags and shoes can help add balance to lighter and brighter, especially if you’re celebrating the spring by donning pastels and dainty floral prints. Black accessories, or even dark grey or navy blue, can add some richness to an otherwise light ensemble without darkening it too much or appearing too drab. Not to mention, these sorts of fashion accessories tend to match just about everything.

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Dark Accessories

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