Snakeskin Clutches

There are few statement pieces that are versatile. A neutral black/white/grey snakeskin clutch can do a lot to your wardrobe by being able to spice it up as well as tone it down.

Clutch purses make great additions to any outfit. They can thoughtfully inspire an entire getup or can be added last minute if you still feel like your look needs some oomph. Their size makes them perfect for making a statement that is simultaneously bold and subtle and allow you to really play around with materials, patterns, colors and other embellishments. When it comes to choosing a handbag, it’s hard to pick just one. That’s why it’s good to always have a few and why it’s always wise to have at least one clutch in your wardrobe. If you aren’t sure which style to pick or if you’re caught between choosing between something bold and something versatile, then a snakeskin clutch may provide you with your solution.

Snakeskin can be more versatile than you think. Most versions of this print come in grey/black/white tones, making it a neutral but with a twist. This allows you to pair it with virtually any outfit and guarantees that it will match any color palette you wear it with. This pattern offers some depth and complexity to an outfit, especially one that is otherwise composed of solid colors and lacking other designs. Similarly, the neutrality of the snakeskin allows it to blend well with other prints if you happen to be wearing them, but be sure to keep it to a minimum. Mixing and matching prints is tricky, but when done subtly can be both chic and daring.

If you’re wearing a bright outfit but they are all solid colors, this bag will do great to balance out the color palette as well as add some texture into the mix. You can even accessorize with similarly themed accessories, such as a skinny snakeskin belt or even flats. It also adds some depth to an otherwise monochromatic outfit, no matter what the color. It’s just as appropriate for the office as it is for a night out or even for a casual day about town. This piece has an incredible range and can do a lot for such a small fashion accessory. Use it to add some neutrality to a bright outfit to balance it out, or use it to dress up a more casual and laid back look. Whether you wear it to work, out to dinner or even just out for coffee, this chic print will make you look completely fashion savvy with subtlety.

You can find black or gray, as well as other color, snakeskin clutches at Chicastic.

Snakeskin Clutches

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