What to Wear When Meeting His Mom

Meeting his mother can be rather nerve wracking. But what to wear? Try to be true to your roots but be sure to be on your best behavior.

Meeting your guy’s mom is a pretty big deal. Not only is it a sign that things are headed in a serious direction, but it is the first opportunity you’ll have to make an impression on the lady who means the most to your guy. It’s a bit like a job interview, but a little more personal. You want to be yourself, but you want to put the best version of yourself forward. But what do you wear?

First thing’s first is to assess what sort of setting you’ll be meeting your beau’s mother in. Is it a casual swing by their house? Are they inviting you over for dinner? Will you be going out to eat? Or will you be casually meeting for coffee together? The venue and the time will act as big cues for you when it comes to deciding on what to wear. As a general rule, even if you are going to meet them in a more casual setting, it’s best to dress up a bit for it. You don’t have to be fancy, but if you’re meeting at a coffee shop you might not want to wear a baggy t-shirt and jeans, you may instead want to wear a nice top with slim pants, a handbag and some flats, for instance. It’s still a casual look, but a cleaned up version that still shows you care about meeting his mom.

Another big cue will be what she’s like. You have probably heard a bit about her or even seen some pictures. What is she like? What does she like? What’s her own style? No matter what, you should still be yourself. But make sure it’s your best self. If she’s more of a conservative mom, then alter your look to be on the conservative side but don’t compromise your personality or style. Use items you may already have that fit the bill. If she’s more laid back, it still makes a good impression to look put-together, but don’t be afraid to experiment as much.

No matter what you choose, it’s always good advice to be yourself. While you do want to make a good impression, you don’t want to completely change who you are or act too formal and stiff. Just like at a job interview, the interviewer can often tell if you are trying too hard or are pandering to their interests in an effort to impress them. While this information is useful in meeting them, it is still important that you can do so while still being true to yourself. Let your personality shine through your outfit, even if you have to make some adjustments in order for it to be appropriate.

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Accessories for Meeting His Mother

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