Summer Purses

Add some of the season’s brightest colors to your wardrobe by incorporating them into your collection of handbags. Whether you go with a neutral, a bold new color, or a pattern, welcome the season with an appropriate purse.

Purses are a great way to add some last minute color or style to our look. While it is always useful to have handbags for specific uses, such as a neutral, medium-sized bag for the workplace or a specific, sleek printed briefcase for interviews, it’s handy to have a handful of different bags on hand for a select few occasions and/or seasons. Spring and summer call for fun, relaxation and welcome you to have fun and feel refreshed. Your handbags can reflect these ideas and fully bring you into the season in mind, spirit, and in appearance.

Given the resurgence of color in nature, it is only fitting to let some color into your wardrobe by way of your summer handbags. Just looking at the Pantone colors of the season can give you some ideas on where to start. Radiant Orchid can add a bit of bold brightness to your look with its vibrant violet shade. Celosia Orange or Cayenne are also bright and brilliant, taking primary colors to a refreshingly new level. These shades are vibrant and loud but still not neon bright or overpowering so as not to take over your look. Their matte appearance are still sleek and can be worn with a variety of light, breezy summer outfits.

Another route is to go neutral. You don’t have to be bold to make a statement. White, beige and khaki all provide a clean addition to any outfit, and their light nature helps lighten up your summer ensembles as well. Most resort-wear tends to be in these colors and with good reason. These neutrals can be mixed and matched with any of the seasons colors and complement them perfectly without overpowering them. Don’t forget about the importance of material! Lace, crochet and canvas are popular this time of year, providing a boho look that thrives this time of year. Whether it’s a crossbody, hobo bag, tote or even a canvas backpack, these looks can be both casual and chic.

Don’t be afraid of patterns, either! Combine all of the Pantone colors by sporting one well-designed patterned purse so you can incorporate them all no matter what you’re wearing. Earthy floral prints and paisleys are also more than appropriate for the season, reflecting the foliage and the life bursting through the season’s seams. Choose a style and color that suits your wardrobe best, but remember that it never hurts to have more than one handbag on hand.

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Summer Purses

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