Wearing Yellow Right


What color suits the spring and summer best more than yellow does? While it may bring some light into your wardrobe there are some tricks to wearing this bright and bold color.

Yellow is a tricky color to pull off. Unlike many others, yellow can be bold no matter what shade you happen to be wearing. It is very bright and eye-catching and takes some fashion know-how to pull off properly. Here are some basic tips for specific pieces so you can work this vibrant spring/summer shade into your seasonal wardrobe.

When using a yellow piece of clothing, it’s best to play it simple. If you happen to be wearing a dress, a simple silhouette with sleek lines works wonderfully. It’s easy for yellow to look cartoonish and over the top so the simpler your style, the better. The color itself speaks more than you think, so you don’t need a loud or bold look to blow it out of proportion. When it comes to piecing outfits with more parts together, it is best to stick to one item, such as a pant, blouse, cardigan or skirt. It is also best to wear light neutrals with such pieces. Beige and black work with all types of this summery shade and add the perfect amount of balance. Also, think neutral when it comes to accessories. If you want to be a little bit bolder, you can try subtle red accessories or even red lipstick to add a bit more oomph to an outfit featuring yellow. Red is complementary and will offset it in a daring way. the only thing is that you need to choose wisely and subtly. Both red and yellow are bold so the less you use, the more powerful your resulting effect will be.

If you’re not sure about using any shade of yellow as a focal point, then you can always add it to your wardrobe by means of subtle accessories. These fashion accessories can add a simple splash of color to many of your spring and summer outfits. Skinny belts, sleek clutches, bold pointed toe shoes, a thick bangle bracelet, and a bib necklace are all great items that can act as your yellow statement piece. These are a bit easier to mix and match and add to outfits to brighten them up, especially if you don’t normally wear this color. While they are still subtle, they bring just as much life to any look. The best way to determine how this color can work for you is to assess the wardrobe you already have. Do you already have items in this color that can be worn with others? If that’s the case, then simply follow these rules to make sure you use them to their full advantage. If you don’t, then feel free to use it as an accent color, especially if you wear a lot of reds or blues which complement this spring/summer color nicely as well.

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Yellow Accessories

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