How to Wear a Tunic


Tunics are pretty appropriate for any season depending on how you wear them, but summer can show to yield more options than you may have initially believed.

Summer is all about breaking out those new, breezy items that you weren’t able to wear all winter, but there are some items that may surprise you. Clothing pieces like the tunic can actually be worn in so many ways that it can be made to wear all year round. While you’re pretty limited during the winter months, wearing a tunic in the spring, summer, and even the early fall can yield so many different outfit combinations it could make your head spin.

These nifty items are somewhere between a long shirt and a short dress. Because of their interim nature, tunics can be done up or down and worn with layers or without. It all depends on the occasion, the place, and the weather as well. Come spring time, you can break out of those winter coats but still expect the occasional chill or cool, rainy day. Wearing a tunic with skinny jeans or leggings are great for such an occasion. They can be worn with sandals or flip flops in warmer weather and can even be worn with boots if it’s a little chillier outside or if the weather calls for it. A tunic paired with printed leggings and rain boots can make an adorable casual outfit on a rainy day. If the weather is particularly chilly or if the wind is a little strong and cool, then consider adding a scarf into the mix as well.

When it’s warmer out, you can still opt for leg wear when it comes to these flowy and versatile tops. Bike shorts have made a huge comeback this year, whether they are printed with a fab design (think floral, animal print or a bold solid color) or more basic with a lace fringe, these little leg accessories can keep your booty warm while still allowing you to wear your tunic as more of a dress. Speaking of dress, you can totally wear this piece as one as well. You can opt to wear it alone or add a skinny belt at the waist to create some shape and balance out your look (especially of your tunic is not particularly form fitting). You can go from cute and casual to fun and flirty in just a few steps.

No matter how you wear it, you can always add on the accessories. Vests, cardigans, statement necklaces, you name it. This one versatile piece can last you the entire season and maybe even more.

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