Dress it Up With a Necklace


Some of us think that the only way to have a full wardrobe is if it’s brimming with clothing. Here are some ways to maximize your look by simply manipulating what necklaces you wear with which outfits.

We all want to maximize our wardrobes as much as we can. Mixing and matching is a great asset, creating countless outfits for countless occasions that can be done up or down depending on the location and the time of year. But there are some essential accessories that really help when it comes to transforming outfits from one occasion to another and one of them is the necklace. Perhaps the most basic of jewelry or fashion accessories, this piece can easily make any top or outfit look different. They can be simple, bold, or unique, even anything in between. Having an arsenal of necklaces, even having only a few, can make a big difference.

We all want wardrobes that are as versatile as possible. Some people may think that the more you have in your closet the better, but you can maximize your choice of outfits on any given day if you know how to mix and match and how to accessorize wisely. Necklaces can absolutely help you there. Statement necklaces come in all shapes and sizes and can serve multiple purposes. Whether they are in the waterfall style, fully beaded, laced with ribbon, or inset with stones, this sort of statement piece can dress up any look. It can add some flare to a basic tee shirt and jeans and can breathe new life into your favorite little black dress. Bib necklaces also serve a double purpose. They can be worn over tees to make a makeshift collar to create new looks or be used to accent a collared button-down. No matter what you pair it with, it effortlessly polishes a look whether chic or casual and instantly makes it unique.

Some styles of jewelry can also change the look of your ensemble entirely. For instance, adding pearls to any look will make you appear more elegant, classy and cute. A thick black enamel chain necklace will help you look edgier and chic. Especially when it comes to solid print clothing, these accessories work like paint on a canvas. They can easily curate an entirely new look that would look completely different if worn with other accessories. Try it out and experiment sometime. Wear a simple black scoop neck tee with pearls one day and with a loud beaded waterfall piece the next. Wear a lace choker with one outfit and a gold chain necklace with the same outfit on another occasion. You’ll be amazed with the results.

You can find great necklaces to help maximize your wardrobe at Chicastic.


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