How to Accessorize a Seersucker Dress


Some pieces work best in the spring and summer. Here are some tips to accessorizing this seasonally appropriate dress.

Seersucker dresses are perfect for spring and summer, whether you’re headed to an upscale brunch, a bridal shower, or even out for a night on the town. This cute and casual dress is a bit conservative and can very easily be dressed up and made appropriate for more formal events. There are plenty of ways to wear this seasonally appropriate dress and it all comes down to accessorizing. As with any piece of clothing, the choice of fashion accessories that go along with the item in question can accent or completely redefine your look.

One easy way to accessorize this piece is to add a bold statement necklace. Chunky jewels in bright colors, especially ones that stand out against the design of your seersucker, work best. Since the seersucker is composed of straight lines and sleek pleats, adding some chunky jewelry adds some dimension and depth by contrasting the appearance of the dress material and cut. If your dress is already in a bright shade, then you can still opt for the statement jewelry but in a more neutral color such as white. You can even choose a complementary color in a pastel tone as well. A pastel colored piece makes just as much of a statement and adds color without taking any attention away from the dress you’re wearing.

You can also go with a bold shoe, especially a pointed toe. Whether it is a heel or a flat, the pointed toe look complements the angles and lines in the seersucker. You can choose a neutral color or you can match the color of your statement piece to create a more complete and purposeful look (though neutrals are always a fashionable safe bet). When it comes to a handbag, the smaller the better. A sleek leather (or pleather) clutch or a small cross-body bag will do nicely. The simplicity of this style dress goes best with these bags. You can always play around with colors or prints depending on the appearance of your focal piece. If the weather is a bit chilly you can always add a chic chiffon scarf in a neutral or fun color. If you happen to be headed somewhere more upscale, then a silk scarf will do just as well. You can wear them loose or draped about the shoulders, or you can tie them more intricately about your neck in place of a necklace or other accessory.

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Seersucker Dress Accessories



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