What Colors Work with Coral

Coral is a great statement color for spring and summer. But what other colors go best with this loud and proud shade?

Coral is a quintessential summer color. It is introduced in spring and it sees full bloom once those summer months roll around. It’s bright, it’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s perfect for the season. But considering how bold this color really is, what else can you wear with it without looking over the top or cartoonish?

First of all, when it comes to paint coral with other colors, it does best to stay away from warm ones that are similar in tone and shade to this stunner. Bright orange, classic reds, yellows, hot pinks and those in the same family are best to avoid. You can easily clash with any of these choices so it’s best to opt for darker, subtler shades or cooler colors. In terms of dark colors, those such as black, navy blue and even a deep burgundy will go with coral wonderfully. Their deeper, darker tones offset the loud and vivacious nature of the coral. When it comes to cooler colors, these will work to better complement the coral. Cool blue or green, turquoise, teal, or even indigo offset this summer shade very well.

What about prints and patterns? It’s basically the same as with any color. If the pattern or print features coral, wearing it will highlight those aspects best. You can also wear it with a pattern that primarily features the complementary shades mentioned above. Neutral patterns or prints work great as well, such as black and white stripes or even a neutral toned animal print, such as a brown and beige snakeskin print.

Now, no matter what colors you end up deciding to wear with your focal piece, be sure that your resulting look is balanced. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to have a perfect ratio of pieces and colors but that your end look is not too much. If you’re wearing a predominantly coral outfit with cool colored jewelry, then tone it down with neutral accessories like a nude or white shoe and purse. Add a belt or scarf to add some depth and to break up sections of clothing to create a more balanced and purposeful appearance. Or you can use this advice alternatively. If you have a predominantly neutral outfit, say beige and white or black and white, then use coral colored accessories to brighten it up. Add a bright clutch or some sparkly gemstones to add some color into your look. The boldness will speak for itself, even if you use only a few items.

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