How to Accessorize a Military Coat


There are ways to accessorize a statement piece. Who knows, with some mixing and matching you may even make a new statement!

Military coats are a bit of a statement piece. But just because they carry with them a particular look and aura about them, does not mean that they can only be worn one way. There are plenty of different ways to accessorize this bold piece and to accent its military motif or make it appear more flirty and feminine. Feel free to even mix and match accessories to create a look that is completely your own. No matter what you choose, here are some tips on how to accessorize your military coat.

One easy avenue to travel down is the one that matches. Military jackets are often adorned with metal accoutrements, buttons, buckles, you name it. If you’re opting to add some more metal to your look by way of jewelry, it’s best to stay within the same color family when it comes to the accents already on your jacket. For instance, if your coat features an antiqued bronze set of buttons then it’s best to go with jewelry that exhibits a similar style. The color and patina does not have to be exactly the same but sticking to aged looking jewelry in similar shades will work. As long as they are in the color family, you’re fine. Even if your jewelry isn’t made to look antique, or isn’t vintage, trying to match the color of your jacket’s accents will work as well.

When it comes to this jewelry, there are a few options you have. Military coats look great with cuffed sleeves, especially those particular pieces which are more form fitting or at least cinched at the waist and such. This allows you to play around with wrist accessories like a chunky statement ring, perhaps an edgy skull or another similarly themed object depicted in the piece. Chunky bracelets, leather wristlets, studs or even bangles look great with this coat. When it comes to necklaces, it depends on the color of the jacket. A safe option is to go with a simple chain necklace, or if you want to go with something a little more statement-making, then a chain waterfall necklace works just as well. This plays off of the military theme of the item while still adding a bit of feminine flare.

Don’t forget your non-jewelry pieces, either. Chiffon scarves, whether in a solid print or patterned, look great with fitted jackets and are practical when it’s cooler out as well. When it comes to purses, smaller bags tend to go well with this jacket so a small leather envelope clutch or a similarly sized cross-body bag looks great with this coat.

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Military Coat Accessories

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