Day Trip Accessories

Day trips are fun and an exciting change of pace. But how does one accessorize?

Day trips are great but they can also be a bit stressful. Since you’re moving around a lot, going from one place to another, you have a lot to keep track of and you may have more stuff with you as well. You may have packed your larger purse to accommodate more items and essentials to make sure you won’t be left wanting wherever you’re going. But despite all this you still want to look cute, right? Of course! Just because you have more to keep track of doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize but it still helps to be smart about it.

First off, an appropriate bag should be the first accessory you think of when planning a day trip. Depending on where you’re headed, you’re going to need different items. Since these excursions typically call for more essentials on hand, a medium to a large size bag does the trick. If you’re headed out and plan on doing a lot of walking, then a canvas backpack with a fun print will do the trick. It leaves your hands free and has some extra room to carry anything you may require, at least more than your average bag. But if you’re headed to the beach where you may need a wider variety of items, then a larger tote bag may be your best friend.

If you’re headed out on a day trip then chances are you have a lot on your mind. You have to keep your itinerary straight, make sure you have everything you may need throughout the day, you need to ensure that any tickets are kept safe or that your car is running smoothly. Because of all this, one of the easiest bits of advice is simply not to wear any expensive or valuable jewelry, whether it has monetary or emotional value. If you do, it’s just one more thing you need to worry about. What does work best though are simplistic and light items, like a basic chain necklace or a chunky bracelet. These items aren’t very cumbersome and are easy to check if they are still in place.

Scarves are indispensable travel accessories and are perfect for any occasion. Other than being a fairly easy accessory choice, they also serve a dual and practical purpose. If the weather suddenly changes on your trip there’s absolutely no need to worry. With a scarf you can easily bundle up against the wind or chill or even wrap it protectively around your hairdo if it suddenly starts to rain.

Find the right size bag to fit all of your day trip essentials, or check out other accessories such as jewelry and scarves, at Chicastic.

Day Trip Accessories

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