Bachelorette Party Outfit Ideas

A bachelorette party can mean a lot of different things. So how do you dress for one?

Your bachelorette party can be a big deal. It’s your last big outing with the girls before you finally get married, and not only that but it marks a special group event that only you and your bridesmaids get to share in. There is no one right way to have a bachelorette party so that essentially means there’s no one way to dress for such an event. Depending on where you’re going, what you’re doing, and who you’re with, your party outfit can take on many different styles and options.

Some bachelorette parties are simple and elegant. They take place at a fancy restaurant you might not normally go to, giving you and your girls the perfect opportunity to dress up before your big day. You can opt to look super fancy and pretend to be a member of the elite (if you aren’t already) or do it up in a classy, Old Hollywood style. This look can be achieved with some simple accessories and pieces. These sorts of outings and events are more conservative but that doesn’t mean they still can’t be fun. Think old fashioned, but timeless. Sleek silhouettes, supple lines and intricate materials all make for the great beginnings of an outfit. Look for something vintage and extravagant or perhaps something more modest and modern. Either look will be great with the addition of pearls and cocktail jewelry, glittery rings and hair accessories. Small clutches or coin purses also go wonderfully with this sort of look and will help make you feel like you’re about to go out for tea and crumpets with the Queen before the ball.

Then you have the classic, stereotypical bachelorette party which may more closely resemble its male counterpart. These sorts of outings are essentially more modern but more wild as well. Think a night at the club, Vegas or anything else outrageous and exciting of that nature. These outfit options are just as fun even though they’re at the opposite end of the spectrum. Think bright, bold colors, fun prints and animal patterns, statement pieces and chunky jewelry. This sort of look allows for a bit more gusto and calls for more oomph.

But what if your bachelorette party doesn’t fit either of these criteria? There is always a middle ground, and your outfit will depend on where you’re going. Feel free to mix and match styles, because after all it is still your last big outing with the girls before you’re hitched so have as much fun as possible.

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Bachelorette Party Outfit Accessories

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