What Scarves to Wear and When


Not sure when to wear a certain scarf? There’s a scarf for every season and every occasion if you know how to choose wisely.

Scarves are most definitely the most useful fashion accessory a girl can own. They can be worn in what seems like an infinite number of styles and designs. It’s always beneficial to have more than one scarf in your wardrobe, for any outfit, occasion and even a few to have on hand as you’re running out the door. When it comes to choosing which scarves to keep in your arsenal, material and style all come into play.

1. Pashmina scarves are wonderfully soft and beautiful. Due to their material, they work best in cooler weather. They are soft to the touch and keep your exposed neck, head and shoulders safe from the chill.

2. Cotton scarves are pretty versatile and can be worn in warmer weather, though perhaps not summer. Cotton is a bit lighter and more breathable, which makes it a great transition scarf from winter well into spring. This material is also more casual, though can be made to look more upscale or chic with the use of patterns, beading, or use of metallic threading.

3. A chiffon scarf is more lightweight and breathable, making this the perfect scarf for spring and summer. The more you bunch up this material, the more resilient it will be against a breeze, but if you allow it to drape more freely, it can be wonderfully cooling as well. This material also has a bit more of a noticeable texture than cotton if you’re looking to add some depth and dimension to an outfit, but are still subtle enough to be used both casually and more formally or professionally.

4. A silk scarf is much more chic, perfect for the professional atmosphere, and can easily dress up any look while remaining practical. Its shimmery smooth appearance and texture adds some sleek accents to your look. No matter how you wear it, you can evoke a timeless style and look appropriate for most any occasion.

5. Oblong scarves, which are long and narrow, are perfect for the fall and winter. Their size and style easily lend to layering, which is extremely important during these two chilly seasons. You can tie them to fit comfortably on your neck and fill any gaps left behind by winter coats or layered cardigans, or you can tie them more artfully to add some unique design to your casual, everyday looks.

6. Infinity scarves are great for on the go. While they, too, can be worn in any number of ways, they are perhaps one of the easiest to wear simply in the double loop. This comes in handy if you’re looking for a neck accessory on the go or need a fashionable shield from the cool that can double as an asset to your outfit. For the most part, infinity scarves are great for casual days and can easily add some texture and comfort to a basic outfit.

And of course, don’t forget the power of colors and prints! No matter which types of scarves you decide to add to your wardrobe, having a variety of options, ranging from solid bold colors and neutrals to basic patterns and loud prints, you should have all of your bases covered and be ready for any occasion that comes your way.

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