Gifts to Give Your Bridesmaids


Getting married takes a lot of time and money so be sure to thank those that made your special day possible!

Our wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations we celebrate in our lifetime. It marks one of the biggest steps we take in life as we begin a new chapter with someone else that we love dearly, but the success of such a large scale life event could not be possible without the team of loved ones who helped it all happen. Bridesmaids create an important team of friends, family and they are the main group of women who help you plan your big day and make sure you have good time during your bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and keep you sane throughout the entire ordeal. So how to thank them? Aside from personal thanks, gifts will always do the trick.

Showing how much you appreciate your bridal party is really important. It helps each woman feel special and like an integral member of the party. They have each helped in their own way, and even though they share in the festivities it really shows your appreciation when you present them with their own gifts. Personalized gifts are perhaps the best, they show that you value each member of the party as an individual. Jewelry that can be worn during or after the wedding is a wonderful gift. Find a set of jewelry and pick and choose which styles and gemstone colors best suit each woman individually or perhaps choose stones by birth month. You can also opt for more personal items by making each gift completely different in a way that it suits the receiver absolutely. Clutch purses in varying style, design or color are also a great option. They can be used during the wedding itself, at future weddings, and for other occasions for years to come. Most accessories will do, especially ones that can be worn both to the wedding as well as other occasions in the future.

Other great gift ideas are themed ones, perhaps large group gifts that reference your time preparing for the big day. Personalized photo albums and scrapbooks that pertain to the behind the scenes story of the bride and her bridesmaids will not only show your time together during the ordeal, but will memorialize those more private moments that you and your bridesmaids will always share through having had the experience. These can contain inside jokes, personal stories and other fun moments that were shared between you and help show your appreciation for the memories made in the process.

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Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

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