Disney Fashion Inspiration (Without Looking Too Cartoonish)

Ever felt inspired to look more like one of your favorite Disney characters? Here are some ways to accomplish that without looking like a cartoon yourself.

Let’s face it. We’ve seen little girls dress up as their favorite Disney princesses and felt a little jealous, right? Chances are, we too have grown up with these princesses as positive female figures and characters in our lives and hold them just as dearly to our hearts as young girls today. And while we may wish to dress like our favorite childhood heroines, it may only be appropriate come Halloween. But there are other ways to emulate their look without wearing a costume or merely look like you are wearing one.

Sites like Polyvore are great for this sort of thing. If you search the site, or even browse the tags in other sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, you can find fan made outfits that are inspired by your favorite characters. Even if you don’t adhere specifically to a specific fan-curated outfit, you can use these sources to inspire your own. One thing you’ll notice when it comes to these ensembles is that they are modern; they use what is currently in fashion to somehow evoke the style of these princesses and other Disney characters. But how?

The first thing you’ll notice is the color scheme. Most of these ensembles pick out the most characteristic colors associated with these characters in order to create their more modern looks. For instance, a Cinderella inspire look will have some periwinkle blues and browns and a Snow White one will use some bold reds and relaxing yellows. You don’t need to wear a ball gown or over-sized cartoon shoes to evoke the style of these characters. You can also look to their films for other reference. Such as incorporating a beach theme with seashells and lots of turquoise for an Ariel inspired ensemble. Recall the purple of her seashells to inspire your choice and color of jewelry and other accessories like a handbag or even your choice of shoe.

You can even look to characters’ signature styles to inspire the style and cut of the pieces you choose. For instance, you can use Sleeping Beauty’s rustic outfit to inspire a modern peasant boho look, or wear a corset over a basic tee to get a different effect. Or similarly, you can look to her iconic dress to inspire your own by mimicking the princess neckline. You can apply this method to any of the other lovable and memorable Disney personas. It takes a bit of imagination and creativity, but when it comes down to it that’s what Disney is all about.

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Disney Inspired Outfit

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