How to Transition a Day Look to an Evening Look


Ever suddenly make plans but don’t have time to completely change your outfit? Or maybe you’re going from place to place but don’t want to bring a change of clothes? Here are some quick fixes to keep in mind.

You never know where your day will bring you. Sometimes new events and activities pop up when you least expect it, whether you are simply going about your day without any set plans or perhaps you’re invited out somewhere after a long day at work. Or perhaps you’re planning on going somewhere during the day and have a different event or activity planned for the evening. Surely, some occasions and activities call for a specific day look and evening look, so how does one prepare a day look to easily transition into an evening one? There is no need to pack an entirely new outfit, but there are some quick tips for a quick outfit fix.

Before you concern yourself with the exact details concerning how you will change looks, determine where you’re going and where you’re coming from. If you are transitioning from a casual day about town to a special evening out to dinner, then your method of changing will be quite different from transitioning between a day at the office to a night of partying with the girls.

If you’ve had a casual day so far, then you’ll want to jazz up your current look. Swap out your more basic, everyday pieces for statement pieces, prints, patterns or anything more upscale than what you were wearing before. If you’re wearing a basic tee and skinny jeans, perhaps a scarf and a watch, then you can swap out the scarf and the watch for a chunky bracelet or bangles and a statement necklace to match. These jewelry pieces will instantly glam up your look. You can even add a fitted blazer to add some more finesse to your ensemble and a little bit of lipstick will do the trick. You can also consider transitioning from a large everyday bag to a small clutch. If you don’t have the option to change out bags, opt for a medium sized one at the beginning of the day if you know you’ll be moving from one look to another. That way you can still look chic and pack your change of clothes and accessories.

If you’re already dressed up a bit more than you would on a casual day, say you’re at the office and have been asked out to a party or out for dinner, there are options here too. Some professional looking outfits can work in both atmospheres, but some others look a bit too professional. To add some oomph to your look, consider adding an animal print scarf or another fun accessory. Swap out any fancy jewelry you have on to more fun or simple pieces. Even simply changing single clothing items will work, such as swapping out your trousers for a pair of skinny jeans or a printed pant. Take off those heels and slip into a fun pair of flats.

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Day to Evening Accessories

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