When to Wear the Multi-Color Striped Canvas and Crochet Lace Tote Handbag

We all want a tote that we can use for special outings. Try this fun multicolor tote on your next day trip.

With every season comes a slew of handbags that are best for the weather and the ambiance. And along with these new seasonal handbags comes various styles that are more appropriate for some occasions than others. One quintessential spring and summer handbag is the Chicastic multicolor striped canvas and crochet lace tote. It evokes the feel of the season through its use of color, design and even material. But what occasions would be best to break out this adorable tote?

Given the size of this bag, it’s safe to say that it is perfect for day trips. They can hold a good amount of everyday essentials, including some emergency items and even a few extra clothes whether you want to bring an extra top or a sweater in case the evening is cool. It can easily fit some snacks as well as a book and some other items, but where would you go?

If you’re headed to the beach, this is your perfect handbag. Not only does the material and design scream beachy, but it has enough room to carry some of your beach essentials. You don’t want to be caught without your key items when headed to the beach for the day and this tote provides all the space you’ll need to pack accordingly. Pack a swimsuit cover up, that new bestseller you picked up, a few sandwiches and some water, sunscreen, you name it. You’re set with this handbag.

Speaking of day trips, this bag works wonderfully when you’re headed to the park for a picnic. Its adorable array of bright spring colors is perfect for this location, mimicking flowery tones and hues. Just as you could easily pack for a day at the beach, this bag has enough room for a small blanket and some snacks to share with some friends or with someone special. Despite its size, it’s still easy to carry, looks cute and chic, and is still fashionable. Practicality doesn’t have to be completely boring, and this tote does a good job of adding some oomph to your look while still being useful.

The use of color in this bag also makes it easy to match with most outfits. The colorful chevron design uses quite a few seasonal colors but also features large sections of neutral cream-colored crochet. You won’t have to worry much about matching this bag to any of your more casual day trip outfits; it’s got all your bases covered.

This multicolor striped canvas and crochet lace tote also comes in a variety of colors including teal, red, yellow, and brown.  Check out all the colors at Chicastic.

Multi Color Striped Canvas & Crochet Lace Tote Handbag

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