How to Match Your Wedding Date


The last time you worried about matching your date was probably prom, but once your friends start getting married you’ll have to deal with this issue again once you’re invited. Here are some ways to match your date without matching too much or too little.

Attending a wedding is always fun and exciting. It feels really nice when a friend or family member invites you to help them celebrate their big day. But just because you’re not the bride doesn’t mean that you don’t have your own share of stresses. While being the bride or groom definitely takes the cake when it comes to wedding stress, there’s still a lot to think about if you’re simply attending a wedding. You have to figure out what the dress code is and create an outfit that is appropriate. Not only that, but if you’re bringing a date then you have to coordinate.

Looking too matchy matchy is a thing that should be left to the bridal party, but you also don’t want you and your date to have ensembles that totally clash. You’ll be seen together, be placed together in pictures, plus you’ll be seen tearing it up on the dance floor right? You and your date may not be the center of attention but you still want to look good while you’re having fun.

It all starts with your dress or pantsuit. Whatever you decide to wear will most likely dictate what accents your date will wear. If you wear a blue dress then perhaps your date can wear blue accents or pieces, like a blue button down or a blue tie in a shade and tone that matches your dress. Either that or choose a color that compliments it well, like purple or a real green. If you’re wearing a neutral color to this event like black or beige, then you can look to your accessories. Clutches, necklaces, shoes, or shawl wraps are great items for your date to use as a color reference. For example, if you’re wearing a set of turquoise stone jewelry, then your date can wear a turquoise tie or pocket square.

The key is to wear colors and outfits that don’t clash. Wearing off colors or totally different styles of clothing can be distracting and can detract from each of your ensembles when you’re together. If you opt for wearing a pattern, have your date wear a color that is used in the pattern to enhance it and still match. Having two people wear the same pattern (though wearing different patterns is even worse) can also be visually overwhelming and will look as if you’re about to perform a dance routine. If you want to do something with a little more dimension, you can try and coordinate fabrics instead. This can help create a semblance of symmetry and balance without going overboard.

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