How to Make Spiky Jewelry Sophisticated


Spiky jewelry is hot right now, but is it appropriate for more formal events? There are ways to tone down this edgy look and equally liven up your more conservative pieces.

Though trends come and go, it never hurts to have a piece or two that suits the current style no matter how lasting it ends up being. The best way to incorporate these sorts of looks is with accessories, they can be added to any basic wardrobe staple to make it appear updated and topical without having to really commit to the style. Jewelry sees many faces and styles over the seasons but spiky jewelry has seen its height these past few years and looks like it will be sticking around for a while longer. This style is great for edgy looks and casual styles, but believe it or not they can be just as appropriate for dressier occasions like a fancy evening out or even the office.

When it comes to dressing up spikes, it takes a lot of balance. When paired with more conservative pieces, they can stand out while also being toned down by the piece it is worn with. For instance, you can make a more conservative cardigan or pullover look cooler and more updated when worn with a modern spiky bib necklace. Similarly, it is the perfect addition to any plain, solid colored button down blouse, especially when you wear it over the collar. This subtly glams your look, peeking out from under the collar to add a bit of flare while still being totally work appropriate.

You’re not limited to necklaces either. Bangles and other bracelets that feature spiked beads or other accoutrements can add a bit of flare to an outfit without being the focus of attention. It’s a great way to subtly add some unique style to your look and provide an air of tough city chic. And don’t forget about dangly earrings either. Spikes can be found in metallic beads or stone beads, depending on the look you’re going for, and can add either a tribal bohemian appearance to your look or have more a sleek metro look instead. Earrings are great to wear with strapless tops or when worn without necklaces. Since they are long and dangle, you won’t want to wear anything around the neck if you choose to wear earrings (and vice versa) to avoid looking cluttered. Feel free to let these accessories accent a little black dress on a night out. They don’t dress your ensemble up too much but still add some oomph to your look.

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Spiky Jewelry

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