July 4th Outfits

July 4th is just two days away. Do you know what you’ll be wearing to celebrate in yet?

It’s always fun to have an event to look forward to. Not only is it exciting to look forward to the occasion itself but it’s fun to plan what you are going to wear to such an event. Since it is now officially summer, the next big event to look forward to is the Fourth of July. Barbecues, beaches, pool parties, or any number of outdoor gatherings are sure to be a part of your patriotic weekend. But the one thing you’re probably asking yourself is: what am I going to wear?

When it comes to such a patriotic event, you may be tempted to wear red, white and blue. While it’s actually a bit taboo to wear the flag itself, you may also come off as a bit childlike if you color coordinate your outfit a little too exactly. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them at all! There are easy and subtle ways to show your patriotic pride without going over the top.

One easy way to incorporate these colors into your look is through the power of accessories. Think light chiffon scarves, totes, jewelry, shoes, belts, you name it. One great look to opt for is to base your outfit in one of the colors and then choose one of the flag’s other aspects to accessorize. For instance, you can wear a navy blue dress or top as a base and then use red accessories to highlight it. Make it pop with a bold statement necklace, a bright waist belt and a pointed toe shoe or sandal. Use white as a neutral to tone down your look.

Additionally, you can opt to choose only two colors. A more conservative look would be to pair either the blue or the red with white, using other shades such as burgundy, maroon, navy, cobalt or even teal or turquoise. Use the summery versions of these shades to brighten your look. You can even be more subtle with your choice of outfit and accessories. Simply choosing one of these colors to accent an ensemble in an entirely different set of colors will work just as well. Let your tote do the talking and choose a bag with a fun chevron design that uses any of the colors mentioned above, although blue and white (or blue and cream) is a fairly popular summer color scheme and can be used all season quite easily. You don’t have to go out of your way to create an outfit. Look through what you already own in the colors you want to highlight and use accessories to their fullest potential.

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Red, White, and Blue Accessories

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