Throwback Thursday- Friends

It’s been ten years since new episodes of Friends aired on TV. Sure you can see reruns of it all the time so it feels like it never left, but the fashion really dates some episodes. Light loose fitting jeans, chunky shoes, chokers, velvet, and overalls all make us aware that it was the late nineties.

We were wondering, if we ran into Rachel, Monica and Phoebe today, what would they be wearing?

Rachel’s style was fashion forward and sexy. Today we would probably see her in tuxedo striped pants, sheer tops, and chic jumpsuits. She’d accessorize with statement necklaces and chic clutch purses like this white faux patent leather clutch. Not surprisingly, some of what she wore back in the nineties has come back in style like crop tops and high-waisted pants. Even the overalls she used to wear have been updated and are back in fashion. Now they’re tighter and come in great prints.

Monica had a more practical approach to her style. Gone are spaghetti straps, but her buttoned collared shirts are still around. She might play up that look by wearing a bib or collar necklace like this orange enamel bib necklace. Monica would also be into skinny jeans with a long top and cute sandals and she would need a great handbag to carry her chef jacket and work shoes. A great option for her would be this blue convertible shoulder and crossbody handbag.

Phoebe and her quirky creative style would take advantage of today’s graphic prints and shirts with embellished details. She would love statement necklaces like this green bead chunky necklace. And the unique clutches out there like this gold metallic knuckle duster clutch with rhinestones would give her the right mix of fashion and quirk.

Which character’s style do you identify with? Find the perfect accessories to fit your fashion at Chicastic.


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