What to Wear to a Baseball Game

Planning on partaking in America’s favorite pastime? Here are some outfit tips to show your team spirit and your fashion flare.

Every season has its share of seasonally appropriate activities. Summer has the beach, picnics, and when it comes to sports, there’s baseball. Whether you happen to be a huge baseball fan or more of a casual one, attending a game is a quintessential American summer activity and what summer would be complete without at least one. Go with a date, with family or with friends, but in any scenario you’re probably wondering what to wear.

Typical fan wear is always acceptable, but not always mandatory. A baseball cap showing your team pride is always a welcome accessory and is useful to boot in these situations. Given that the sun will probably be out scorching the players and everyone out in the stadium, it is also sure to be bothering your eyes. It doesn’t hurt that baseball caps are making a comeback. Even if you don’t want to choose sides if you don’t happen to be a hardcore fan, you can always opt for a fun and fashionable baseball cap, too. A cap with a fun and flirty floral print is perfect for summer.

If you do have a team that you’re rooting for (or perhaps the people you happen to be going with do) you don’t have to wear a jersey to show your support. Try to coordinate an outfit that uses the team colors in an interesting way, such as a navy blue dress or top with some funky, summery orange accessories if you want to support the Mets; or try a white summer dress with a blue hat or accessories if you’re rooting for the Yankees. Insert any team and color scheme and you are sure to find a way to show your support. Even if you choose a single accessory to use, such as a tangerine colored scarf or a statement necklace, you’ll still fit right in without having to wear a jersey.

But there’s nothing wrong with wearing a jersey either. Cute baseball jersey tops are great casual wear, whether they bare a team logo or not. You can go for the official tee or simply choose a comfy one from your own wardrobe in more neutral colors or interesting designs. Feel free to mix and match as well. You can still wear a skirt with a jersey or pair it with a fun pair of leggings or printed shorts. Just because the players are wearing uniforms, doesn’t mean that you have to, too!

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Baseball Game Accessories

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