Mesh Accessories

Add some dimension to any summer look with ease. Use materials like mesh to make any ensemble a little more dynamic and complex.

There are plenty of ways to add texture and depth to your look, and many reasons why, for that matter. The use of different fabrics, materials, designs can all be used to enhance any ensemble. Whether you choose a bold statement piece or utilize a fun accessory to add some oomph to your look, each method can do a lot by doing a little. Believe it or not, a little can really go a long way. Mesh accessories and fabrics are a great summer addition to any outfit. The material itself is breathable and light, and is perfect for the season whether you’re opting for an item of clothing, a bag or an accessory. See which items work best with what you’re already planning to wear as well as where you’re going and what the weather might be like.

Scarves are an essential fashion accessory all year round. Often used to fashionably ward off the cold, scarves can be useful in summer too. If you find yourself facing a particularly cool summer night, then a metallic mesh evening scarf will fit the bill. The material is light and still allows for a comfortable breeze to pass through while still adding some layers to your look. Additionally, the metallic sheen of this item also adds some glistening sparkle to your outfit, adding not only texture but dimension as well. If you’re attending a bonfire by the beach, hanging out at a late night barbecue or going on an evening walk, this accessory can do many things at once. It can act as a neck accessory while also keeping you a bit warm from the cooler, summer night air.

Mesh can be used in other items as well. This gold envelope fold over clutch purse adds some bold flare to any evening look. It’s lightweight, which is great for a clutch, making it easy to carry around even in the heat. Everything tends to feel heavier when the temperature is up, so making sure your clothing as well as your accessories are made out of lighter, more breathable materials can make a world of difference. The bag adds some color as well as dynamic texture to an evening look and looks especially dazzling when worn alongside a little black dress. Other colors work just as well. In either case, the metallic glitter will attract the light and make your ensemble truly sparkle.

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Mesh Accessories


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