How to Accessorize a Full Skirt


Full skirts are totally in this season and are comfortable to boot. But how do we properly accessorize to optimize this new trend?

Maxi skirts began creeping onto the fashion scene a few years ago but this year they seem to have made an official comeback this season. Though many of you may think these items can only be worn by those who are lucky enough to have long, model legs, you are mistaken. Whether you are short and curvy, or any combination of body types, there are plenty of ways to pull off this casually chic summer look.

This skirt is an easy addition to any casual summer look. Wear it with a basic scoop neck tee, v-neck, tanktop or even crop top. If your skirt features a fun and funky design, then you can easily jazz up any solid colored top you choose to wear with it, instantly adding oomph to a basic, but comfy, outfit. Wearing the skirt higher up, such as near your waist instead of around your hips, is also a viable option for those who have shorter legs but still wish to pull off this look. If the result is uneven, then add a belt as well to create more sections and to create a semblance of balance. You can choose to wear the skirt a bit over a full length top or wear it to the bottom of where a crop top ends on your torso. If you have longer legs, then wearing this item at the hips is your best option. Any of the above tops work just as well, too! In both cases, it’s best to aim for balance. Try to go for shorter tops that are either cropped or end at the hip. Anything longer, such as a tunic, will create an odd, lanky appearance and an even odder body shape. Other than that, it may also make this comfortable piece feel cumbersome and decidedly uncomfortable.

When it comes to additional accessories, it’s best to stay minimal, especially if your maxi has a print or pattern on it. Thin bangles, long chained necklaces or dangly earrings are all great fashion accessories. They mimic the long, straight style of the skirt while not detracting from it either. The shape of these accessories, slender and subtle, compliment this piece and any outfit you wear it with. Feel free to use long drapy scarves and crochet vests as well if you’re going for a more bohemian look. Big floppy hats go well, also, especially if you’re headed out for the day. Have fun with what you have, but try to play it minimal. This look works best when balanced properly and handled delicately and simply.

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Full Skirt Accessories

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