How to Organize Your Closet for Summer


Prepping your closet for any season can be tricky. Here are some ways to optimize your summer closet without making too much of a project out of it.

Closets house our repository of outfits, a mishmash of countless tops, bottoms, cardigans, jackets, scarves, accessories, dresses, skirts, shoes, you name it. Most of us probably have something fit for any occasion, especially after some mixing and matching, but all of these options tend to make your closet a danger zone. We’ve all been there: you’re looking for that one particular item that you know you have but cannot seem to find amidst the mess of your closet and cannot quite remember where you put it or saw it last. There are some ways to fix this without labeling and cataloging every item of clothing and each and every fashion accessory you own. Each season, or groups of seasons, tend to have items that are interchangeable while other seasons require clothing that is completely useless during others. Here are some ways to keep your clothes in the best order possible so you have a better, and easier, time of finding things.

Now that summer is officially here, it would be best to optimize your closet for summer. Considering the heat, it is safe to say that winter clothes are out for now and should be put away for the most part. Items like heavy coats, thick sweaters, scarves and tops can all go away until late autumn. Some items can be useful, however, but are not always needed. Organize your closet so items like thin, long sleeve shirts, three-quarter tops, light sweaters and jeans are towards the back or ends of your closet. This way, they are not in the way of your summer essentials but are still easily accessible in case of some chillier weather or cool nights. Consider doing the same with shoes, such as heavy boots, booties or others that are not usually worn in warmer weather. With those out of the way, you are less likely to lose your other pairs in a sea of mismatched shoes.

When it comes to the seasonally appropriate wear left hanging, try to organize it simply by item, such as placing all of your tops together, skirts together, shorts together etc. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, try to place your most worn items right in the center for easy grabbing on the go.

When you have all of your items organized like this, you can change and swap out small portions as the seasons change; this way you won’t have to make any major overhauls. Once fall comes around, put away some of your lighter summer clothing and sun dresses, but you may still find use for shorts and tees. Begin swapping in your longer pants and longer sleeved shirts as the weather gets colder, but be sure to put items no longer useful away where they will not get in your way.

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Summer Closet

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