Envelope Clutches

A clutch purse is a staple of any wardrobe. Here are some reasons why you should have one and how to choose one that suits you best.

Perhaps the best thing about accessories is the wide variety of styles each piece can be found in. While we all, most likely, own a few handbags, scarves, cardigans, shoes and jewelry, the vast options out there insures that none of us quite have all of the same items. One person’s scarf collection will look drastically different from someone elses, although both arsenals are useful and fit each person’s style. This applies to staples as well. Staples are items that are almost always in style but can be found in a vast array of styles, colors and looks. Envelope clutches is one such staple item.

This clutch purse is perfect for almost any occasion. It bears a simplistic yet elegant style that can be made to match most styles, outfits and sorts of occasions. Despite their uniform design, the choice of color, texture, pattern and fabric can make one envelope clutch drastically different from another while still retaining its classic look. When it comes to choosing one of these handbags for yourself, then you should definitely look to your already existing wardrobe and think about the sorts of qualities you often look for in an accessory.

Clutches make great, classy handbags. They are small and subtle but can still pack a punch. Classic colors like black and other neutrals are always useful and still make a bit of a statement. What kind of bag you sport says a bit about the outfit you’re wearing and the look you want to exude. If you want to stick with this staple but have a bit more fun, then you can opt for more dynamic styles. If you’re looking for a casual summer look, chevron straw envelope clutches make for a great option. They come in a variety of color options, including the ever popular black and white. This style is perfect for the summer season and instantly makes your casual look a little more refined and unique.

Even if you opt for neutral colored patterns, a bag with a print or design featured on it can make a statement while also remaining versatile.The silver honeycomb mesh clutch is great for adding to outfits, adding a bit of metallic shine, while also guaranteeing to match any ensemble you happen to wear. If you’re looking to stand out a bit more, you can go for a bold color that is sure to turn some heads. A royal blue metallic glitter mesh handbag does just that. It’s dazzling and eye-catching and can still be worn for more casual, as well as more formal, events and occasions.

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Envelope Clutches

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