Throwback Thursday- Sex and the City

We’ve probably all debated whether we were a Carrie, a Charlotte, a Miranda, or a Samantha. These ladies all had their own distinct opinions and style. We wonder what would they be wearing if we spotted them in NYC today?

Carrie was all about fashion. She was very aware of the latest trends and also liked to take risks with her outfits. We could expect to see her in anything today from runway looks like cropped boxy jackets and tuxedo striped pants to ensembles that nod to the eighties. Whatever her outfit du jour, you know she would have on fabulous heels and great accessories like a knuckle duster clutch or a collar necklace.

Charlotte had a classic style. Her wardrobe featured modest, timeless pieces that had clean lines. We’d see her today in the same type of figure flattering pieces like a pencil skirt or tea dress. An envelope clutch or faux leather handbag would be great to carry all of her must haves and of course her pearls would complete any look.

Miranda was very driven and sensible. Her clothing reflected this. Business suits and collared shirts. Running into her today, she’d be carrying a flat bottomed handbag that held all of her documents. She might even have a silk scarf to give her standard business suit a little color.

Samantha was known for her sexy style and adventurous attitude. Age is just a number to her so we doubt she’d be dressing any differently. She’d still be wearing daring necklines and above the knee dresses. It wouldn’t surprise us to see her in a corset top with a straight leg pant and heels. She was into all things fabulous so we’re sure she’d still accessorize with sparkly bracelets, necklaces and earrings and maybe a rhinestone or mesh clutch.

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Sex and the City Purses

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