Peacock Inspired Weddings

If you’re pressed for a wedding theme that is both fun as well as sophisticated, then this vintage look may be right for you. Here are some ways to incorporate this majestic icon into your wedding day.

Wedding themes are a wonderful way to make many aspects of your special day even more special. Adding a theme can be fun to imagine, it can be a great vessel through which you express yourself and your tastes, making your wedding truly your own. Planning such an event can make the preparation all the more fun and exciting. Additionally, it will make your wedding stand apart for all those who attend. There are plenty of themes to choose from, but if you’re searching for a theme that is classic, perhaps a bit vintage but still traditional, then perhaps a motif is best for you. One popular motif over the last hundred years or so is the peacock. In both design and color scheme, the peacock exudes an air of sophistication and pomp, as well as elegant individualism. Bring some of that feel into your big day by using this motif to inspire some of your wedding decor.

When it comes to peacocks, what we most remember are the colors. The deep blues, rich teals, and luscious indigos and purples create a lavish color scheme that can be used to its full advantage in the decor and accents used in the wedding. You can look to any of these colors to inspire your bridesmaids dresses, whether you choose one, a tasteful array of all of them, or simply use peacock inspired accents for their dresses they will stand out from the crowd while still looking classically gorgeous. You can even use this theme to inspire your own gown and its accoutrements. Add a tasteful feather to your updo or use the colors above to inspire small embellishments like beading, lace or ribbon accents, or even in the use of your jewelry. A rhinestone peacock hard clutch makes for a great accessory in this situation and can be used by the bride or any of the bridesmaids. It adds a bit of that vintage flare and can be found in a multitude of materials and colors even if you do not wish to go with the traditional peacock color scheme.

And don’t forget about the decorations. You can use this motif and work it into the invitations, the place settings, the centerpieces (perhaps using feathers or similarly colored flowers or vases), tablecloths, napkins, silverware, as well as any other accents you can think of. The point of themes is to have fun, express yourself and your creativity, and to have a celebration with loved ones that they are sure to remember for years to come.

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Peacock Accessories

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