Accessorize Around Your Family Heirloom


Some items in your wardrobe were passed down to you from your mother, grandmother, or other family member.  Treasured pieces like your grandma’s bracelet, your mom’s ring, or your aunt’s clutch. You’d love to wear them but you’re not sure how to incorporate them into your look. Especially since not all family heirlooms are timeless pieces.

Many heirlooms we receive are jewelry. Certain pieces make it clear what occasion they should be used for. An engraved silver bracelet would be appropriate for a formal dressed up occasion like a fancy dinner or a wedding your attending. Jewelry in silver or gold is great to work into an outfit because it can be paired with silver or gold accessories like necklaces, rings, or clutches, but also easily paired with other colors.

But what if the jewelry you received seems dated? Well luckily, jewelry that feels very decade specific is actually very usable. Whether it’s beaded clip on earrings from the forties, a peace sign necklace, or an elaborate charm bracelet, you can wear these items as statement pieces for a casual ensemble. If you like, you can add one other little touch from the same decade, like small fringe on your shoes for the seventies. Try to steer away from gearing your whole look towards the decade your item is from though. Make it more of a small nod while the rest of your outfit stays in the decade we’re in.

If you have a clutch or handbag you want to use, look at the size of the bag and the material it’s made of.  Small bags such as clutches or coin purses are more appropriate for fancy events or sophisticated outfits so they can be paired with dresses or dark jeans.  Larger handbags or crossbody bags are meant for practical use such as going to the office or a day out shopping. As far as material, beaded, velvet, or metallic lend themselves to more formal events. But, these items can also be used to make a casual jean outfit look a little more sophisticated for an evening out. If the handbag is made of straw or canvas, pair it with great sunglasses and sandals and stick to casual events or maybe a day at the beach.

Remember, vintage is cool because it gives you a one of a kind piece that you won’t see other people wearing.  And the fact that it’s an heirloom makes it even more special.

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Vintage Accessories

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