What One Item to Buy to Update Your Summer Wardrobe

We all wish we could have a new and completely updated wardrobe every season, but that’s not quite feasible for all of us. Here is a quick fix that is sure to extend your wardrobe easily into the summer season.

With every season inevitably come new styles. Part of it is due to the simple change in weather but it also has to do with what exactly is in fashion that year and that season. While you may be tempted to keep your wardrobe as up to date as possible with each passing fashion season, it costs an inordinate amount of time and money to do so. But what if you found out it could be easier than that? What if I told you that one item could help update your entire summer wardrobe?

Well, it’s true, but your “one item” will differ from someone else’s. It all depends on personal style and preference. But essentially your one summer savior will be something that can revive old looks and can be used in a number of ways that will leave you with a full arsenal of outfits this upcoming season.

One great item to update your look is a statement necklace. Bohemian, tribal and bib looks are all the rage right now and the addition of any of these styles has the ability to change and dictate the look of any outfit. They are just as perfect for the office as they are to dress up a basic tee and jeans. Trends like these come and go, so sticking to one fashion accessory that can subtly transform any ensemble is essential, not to mention time and money saving. Think of lighter, brighter colors, so opt for white or bold colored statement pieces. This way, your necklace can help brighten any ensemble you put together, making it that much more summer appropriate.

Another quick addition to any summer outfit, or any outfit for that matter, is a handbag. This warm season has its fair share of colors, patterns and styles that are more appropriate than other seasons so choosing a new purse that suits this factor is a great way to be seasonal. Materials like crochet, canvas and woven handbags all scream summer and can be added to most looks. Whether its a crochet crossbody or an oversized woven tote, you’ll be ready for any day activity the season throws your way and you’ll look great doing it.

The thing to remember about summer accessories is their ability to liven things up. This way, you can pair them with most anything you have, even items from winter and autumn, giving them yearlong life and giving your wardrobe an overall life extension.

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Summer Wardrobe Accessories

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