Bridesmaid Dresses: How to Wear Them More Than Once


It’s an honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid, but once the toasts are said, the dancing done, and the heels switched to flip flops, what do you do with the bridesmaid dress?

Being part of the bridal party can be expensive and buying the bridesmaid dress is no exception. So how can you get more than just one days use out of it? There are a few options depending on the dress.

If you had to purchase a floor length gown for a formal wedding you can take it to a seamstress and have it shortened into a cocktail dress. This gives the dress a whole new feel and a new occasion it can be worn for. Wear it to a fancy dinner, a catered party, or even another wedding.

What if the color is hideous? Just because your friend had good taste in choosing you as a bridesmaid, doesn’t mean she had good taste in her wedding color palette. Look into having your dress redyed. There are companies online that will do it for a reasonable price or you can check out some DIY videos on Youtube.

Maybe you love the dress and just need a way to use it again. Some shiny fabrics scream bridesmaid dress, but others are more forgiving and can just be restyled. Wear a different shawl or scarf. Try a statement necklace. Wear dangle earrings instead of pearl studs. Swap out your neutral heel for one with a pop of color. Sport a different clutch purse or tone down the dress with a cardigan and belt.

Don’t need to alter anything with the look? Then try to wear the dress to an event where it’s a different crowd of people. If it was your best friend’s wedding, then wear it to your cousin’s wedding.

And if you really won’t wear your dress again due to style, fit, color, whatever, find a friend to give it to. Maybe it will work on their body type or with their skin tone and be a perfect addition to their wardrobe. There are also charities specifically set up for dress donations so girls who can’t afford a prom dress or special occasion dress on their own can still have the opportunity to attend events and feel glamorous.

If you decide to restyle your dress, or add some accessories to a new color or shortened look, you can find great jewelry, heels, cardigans and other fashionable items at Chicastic.

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