Accessorize Your Group

Choirs, dance troupes, and other groups need to look cohesive when they perform. However, it’s hard to coordinate outfits with every member because wardrobes vary depending on a person’s style, size, and skin tone.

For the most part, black is a color everyone has in their closet. It’s not the most exciting look though. A great way to pep up this dark color is with scarves. They’re inexpensive, come in a variety of colors and fabrics, and they’re one size fits all. You can go bright with a neon green chiffon scarf, keep it cool with blue, sparkle with metallic, or try a scarf with a fun pattern. Animal prints like this medium brown leopard print silk chiffon scarf or a zebra print add a great vibe. Floral scarves and polka dots make great options too.

If you don’t want to look exactly like each other, but still cohesive, try the same pattern but in different colors. This polka dot chiffon scarf comes in green, yellow, black, and red. Don’t clump each color group together in one section though, instead have each color evenly distributed among the group. It will help the audience’s eyes to travel through the ensemble rather than focus on one color section.

You can also all wear the same scarves but style them in a variety of ways. Some looped around the neck, others as a shawl, and some as headbands. For other ways to wear them check out this handy scarf guide.

Find the perfect silk, chiffon and cotton scarves for your group at Chicastic.

group scarves

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