Dress Like a Ballerina

There’s a part of us that wants to be that elegant ballerina that we’ve seen on dance shows or in The Nutcracker. So why not dress like one? We’re not saying throw on a tutu and pointe shoes, but there are ways to get the same dreamy sweet effect in your outfit.

Start with a modest corset top. Corsets aren’t just meant for the bedroom. Some come in patterns and colors that work great in everyday outfits. Try a purple satin and floral lace corset with a sweet bow around the waist or a slightly more bold white with black polka dot corset with black stripes and a cute ribbon design on the top edge.

Next, get a skirt that has a little volume to it. The length should be above the knee or mid thigh. If you would like a little more coverage it can be longer, just make sure you don’t go past your ankles because the shoes need to be seen.

Speaking of shoes, there are two options. Ballet flats are an easy choice. They look like ballet slippers already. Another approach is to mimic pointe shoes. It wouldn’t be practical to find the tallest heel just so you can get a dramatic angle with your foot. Instead, go for a high heel shoe that has a little platform or a rounded thick front. This will give you the same effect of a pointe shoe that has the hard box in the toe. Depending on the color of the rest of your outfit, you can look for a shoe in a light pink, or try white or silver for a nice change. This satin rhinestone embellished high heel in silver is a great option.

And of course, put your hair in a high bun.

Check out the corsets and heels at Chicastic and let your inner ballerina shine.

Ballerina Inspired Outfits

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