Wedding Wednesday – Chinese Inspired Wedding Fashion

Whether you are planning a Chinese wedding because of you or your fiance’s heritage or because you met in China while studying abroad, or even just because you find the culture beautiful, here are some fashion tips to help you plan.

Traditionally, Chinese wedding colors consist of red and gold. Red is the color of happiness and gold is the color of wealth. Incorporating these colors into your bouquets, dress, and decorations will make for a stunning affair. Red doesn’t need to be the typical bold red either. You can use shades of red such as a dark burgundy or a light rose color. Whichever shade you choose, you can add a little more variety into your bouquet by using multiple shades all at once.

As far as bridal gown, a typical Chinese bride will wear more than one dress throughout the day. One dress usually consists of red silk. To use this tradition, you can wear a red dress for the ceremony and switch into a white dress for the reception or vice versa. Another option if you don’t want to wear a red dress, or don’t have the budget for two dresses, is to add the color somewhere else as a nod to it. Red shoes, red earrings or other jewelry are a nice touch. Even a red clutch would look pretty in photos. If you like, you can wear white, keep your accessories neutral and have all your bridesmaids in red dresses with gold accessories.

However you choose to incorporate red and gold is up to you. It’s your wedding and your day to plan.

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