Office Corsets

How can a corset be worn to the office? It’s meant for the bedroom right? Not always. You can work some corsets into your office ensembles without looking like you’re wearing lingerie.

Pick a corset that’s solid colored or with a simple pattern like a floral print. Keep in mind this is for work so don’t choose a corset that’s sheer. Also stay away from lace, ruffles and bows. These are all features that lean more towards lingerie.

Here are a few options that work with all the above requirements. A blue denim lace up bustier which has a neat marbleized look. This red satin lace up bustier which provides a great pop of color. Or a more subtle black satin corset which is easy to mix and match with items in your closet.

Once you’ve found a corset you like, it’s time to style it so you can wear it to the office. A corset top by itself is not appropriate. The exposed lacing in the back doesn’t look professional. To fix this, all you need to do is cover it up with some sort of jacket. For example, add a blazer and it takes on a whole new strong look. Another great option for a more causal work environment is a cardigan. It softens up the whole look and is a nice contrast to the hard corset. Look for a sweater that drapes and doesn’t have buttons, like this teal blue loose fit shrug style cardigan, to give the look the right mix of loose and form fitting.

Accessorize these looks with structured clutches or handbags and keep jewelry simple and sleek. You can create your office corset look with great corsets and bustiers, cardigans, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories at Chicastic.

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