Wedding Wednesday- Greek Inspired Wedding Fashion

Greek inspired dresses are beautiful and flattering on many body types. They tend to be fitted under the bust and then drape elegantly from there. Not only does this style give you that goddess feel but it helps hide parts of your figure you might be self conscious about. Added bonus, it allows you to actually be able to eat the food at your wedding.

Grecian dresses can vary in style. They aren’t always fitted right under the bust, sometimes they’re fitted at the waist or even fitted from below the bust to the waist. This look can be achieved with just the fabric or with an embellished belt in silver or gold. The top is typically draped from the chest to over the shoulders, but sometimes the design drapes over just one shoulder.

What colors should you accessorize with if  you stick with the traditional white gown? Gold is a nice touch that gives off the goddess vibe. You can also look to the Greek flag for inspiration and try sky blue. You can use the color for your heels, jewelry, or clutch purse. Incorporating blue into your wedding ensemble also takes care of the “something blue” portion of the good luck charm wedding rhyme.

Speaking of good luck charms, a Greek tradition is to ward off the evil eye. Traditionally this means after giving the bride a compliment, the person spits, or makes a symbolic spitting noise, three times. An easier way to ward off the evil eye though is to have your bridesmaids wear a blue eye symbol like this turquoise blue evil eye chain link necklace.

Incorporate a little Greek into your wedding by using great accessories from Chicastic.

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