Throwback Thursday- Elaine from Seinfeld

Elaine on Seinfeld was an iconic character with so many memorable moments. Not to mention her, let’s call it, unique dance style and her “get out” shove.

Her wardrobe on the show typically consisted of long blazers, collared shirts, dark stockings, loose fitting floral print dresses, and a backpack purse. Don’t forget the loafer shoes with socks. What would she wear today? Something from Mr.Peterman’s catalog? We hope not.

Elaine could actually still wear the items she loves, just tweaked a little. Blazers can be stylish, they just need to be fitted to flatter your figure and work with your proportions. Since she’s petite, she should go with a shorter option than what she wore in the nineties.

Her collared shirts could get an updated look by wearing a collar necklace instead. The loose fitting floral print dresses don’t need to be chucked, just altered. She could take them to a seamstress and have the hemline brought up to mid calf or the knee and have them taken in to show off her petite frame. We’d ditch the dark stockings though, unless she wanted to pair them with cute heels or boots in the winter.

For her bag, she could still rock the backpack purse by picking a sleeker design like this beige backpack with a front flap. Another great option would be a large structured handbag or even a hobo bag.

Whatever accessories Elaine might need to bring her into this decade, we know she could find them at Chicastic.

Elaine's Seinfeld Fashion


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