Bachelorette Party Corsets

It’s the brides last chance to let loose before her wedding day. What type of bachelorette party should you have? You can go the relaxing spa day route or kick it old school with a slumber party. You could also get a little wild and go bar hopping or even fly to Vegas.

If you go with the more rowdy option, you don’t have to feel obligated to buy all the body part shaped candies and accessories. You also don’t need every hot pink or bedazzled bride to be sash you can get your hands on. You can go out for the night looking sexy and classy in beautiful corset tops.

Each girl can pick out a corset in a design they feel comfortable in. For the more reserved party goer, pick a satin corset in a solid color like black. Or try one with sweet details like this purple corset that has lace and a bow. Chicastic’s corsets come with modesty panels so if you prefer, no skin needs to be exposed in the back. For a more feisty look pick a corset in red or with leopard print. Ruffles or polka dots can add a fun touch as well. Want something a little more risque? Choose a lace corset that only has padding in the bust. For the bride, choose a corset in white. She’ll stand out among the other girls and have that bridal feel to her look.

Whatever color or style, each top can easily be paired with dark jeans, heels, and a fabulous clutch. At Chicastic you can find the perfect corsets to complete your bachelorette party look.

CorsetsFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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