Throwback Thursday- Saved By The Bell

The ladies of Bayside High School all had their own distinct styles.

Kelly was the girl next door and varied her look from sporty outfits to form fitting mini skirts to even a midriff and high waisted pants look. The girl also loved neon, as many girls did back in the day. It’s no wonder that she got that modeling job in Paris; she looked gorgeous in everything. If we ran into her today, what would she be wearing? Well lucky for her, a lot of her looks are back in style so she wouldn’t have to change that much. A little peekaboo midriff is very fashionable. Neon is showing up all over the place, especially on sneakers, so Kelly might wear a neon necklace or carry a neon clutch. Even high waisted pants are back, just in more form fitting styles.

Jessie was a bookworm, a feminist, and a class president. She was so excited, so excited, and so scared. (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves) Jessie rocked her big curls, some big headbands, buttoned tops, blousy shirts, and sometimes even a blazer. If we ran into her today we’re hoping for her tops and hair to have just a little less volume. With her height, she could wear a sleeveless tunic and a fitted blazer with some skinny jeans and mix that flowy and structured look. A great satchel or crossbody bag would also suit her practical personality.

Lisa was a fashion queen. She loved the latest trends and loved accessorizing. Today we are sure we’d see her wearing fabulous dresses, blinged out heels, and lots of accessories. Maybe she’d wear a bowler hat, statement necklaces, and leopard print or floral patterned chiffon scarves. We would love to see her purse collection! She’d probably have crystal hard box clutch purses, a few envelope purses, and maybe even a studded clutch.

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Saved By The Bell


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