Food Inspired Fashion

Wear what you eat. No, we don’t mean fur or Lady Gaga’s meat dress. We’re talking about being inspired by the color of the foods you eat or by their image.

Fruits are a common source for names of colors. Lime, grape, orange, plum, and tangerine are just a few examples. And don’t forget the veggies like eggplant and celery. Not to mention colors like salmon, eggshell, mustard, or cocoa.

Use food colors for inspirations for a new outfit. Maybe a lime green cotton tunic paired with cocoa pants and an eggplant purse or an eggshell dress with cherry high heels. You can make an outfit just out of fruit names alone. Or go a step further and make an outfit out of just citrus fruits. A lemon top, orange pencil skirt, and a grapefruit clutch purse would look fantastic!

Another fun way to build an outfit is off of one statement piece. So why not make that statement piece food inspired? That doesn’t mean wearing a shirt with a big banana on it. Instead go for a small pattern of your favorite food. Maybe a blouse with tiny red tomatoes or a patterned chiffon scarf of sushi rolls or bacon.

Chicastic has a great collection of colorful accessories to help you build your next delicious look. Now if you’ll excuse us, this blog made us very hungry!

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