Adopt a Kardashian Fashion Attitude

Love them or hate them, the Kardashians have a good fashion attitude. They aren’t afraid to experiment and express themselves through their clothes, hair, and makeup. If you catch an episode of their show or check out their photos you can see what we mean. They don’t get stuck in a fashion rut. It’s like every day is a new beginning.

Sure each gal has their own particular vibe and dresses for their particular size and shape, but they still switch up their looks daily. They’ll try bright red lipstick one day, black the next, then maybe a nude color the day after that. They’ll wear an elegant flowy dress one day, then go boho or wear skinny jeans with high heels, then switch it up with a jumpsuit or a hip hop vibe outfit with a hat and hoop earrings. We think getting dressed with a confidence like theirs is something we all should do.

Sometimes their looks fit into what society expects. Other times they go a little outside the box with things like a makeup dot pattern on their forehead or see through lace dresses. But either way, they’re playful. Look at the hair styles alone. They try everything from wavy curls and straight hair to top knots and unique braids.

So take inspiration from them and have fun with your looks. Express yourself with accessories like clutches, necklaces, rings, or shoes. YouTube hair styles that you always wanted to try. Wear all the crazy colored eye shadow you’ve been shying away from. It’s just one day. Just one look. If you hate it, tomorrow gives you a fresh palette to play again.

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