Throwback Thursday- Clueless

The ladies of Clueless may have been clueless about life, but they weren’t clueless about fashion. Cher and Dionne had some great outfits. They even helped Tai upgrade her style. The iconic look they wore that everyone remembers is the short plaid skirt with matching plaid jacket, knee high tights, and mary jane heels. If we ran into Cher and Dionne today, what would they be wearing?

Cher was super chic, so she’d have to maintain that level of sophistication. We’d probably see her in sleek jumpsuits and stylish shift dresses. Hopefully her hemline would be a little lower now. Maybe we’d even see her in knee high tights. As if! That look is so out right now.

Dionne loved accessorizing her hair. She wore headbands, bandanas, and some crazy hats. If we ran into her today, we’d hope she was just as into her accessories as she was back then. If she toned it down a little, she might wear a bowler hat, knit beanie, or use a chiffon scarf as a headband.

We’re sure both ladies would love a good handbag or clutch too. We picture Cher with a crystal hardbox clutch with a sweet bow and Dionne with a metallic knuckle duster clutch. Whatever accessories they choose, we know they’d have a great time shopping online at Chicastic.




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