Emmy Awards- What Will You Be Wearing?

The Emmy Awards are on Monday. For a fun way to watch them, invite over a few friends and pretend like you’re attending the awards too! Get all gussied up and view your favorite television stars in style.

First, you’ll need a fabulous dress. Raid your closet for bridesmaid dresses or maybe even your prom dress if it still fits. Anything floor length is preferable.

Next, select some dazzling jewelry. Maybe a bejeweled necklace or a great pair of dangly earrings. You need to show off to the camera remember?

Heels are also a must have for your look. The higher the better. Remember, you’re not really walking the red carpet. Just make sure you can make it to three key points- the tv room, the kitchen, and the bathroom.

Lastly you’ll need a clutch to finish off the look. Maybe a knuckle duster is your style. Or perhaps an envelope purse. The only thing that matters when choosing your bag is that it’s big enough to store your acceptance speech…or the phone number for a good take out place. Hey, a girls got to eat.

Whatever look you go for on Emmy night, remember who the designer is you’re wearing. It’s crucial. You can always make that easier on yourself by ordering all your fabulous accessories from Chicastic.

Emmy Awards OutfitFree standard shipping within USA! Low priced International Shipping starting at $2.99!

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