Fair and Festival Fashion Tips

As we enter the fall season, fairs and festivals start popping up all over the place. They celebrate everything from livestock to pickles. They’re fun to go to for a change of pace and often have some delicious food. These events tend to be all day activities and that leads to the question of what to wear.

Since the temperature is likely to fluctuate throughout the day you’ll want to have layers. Maybe a zip up jacket or a hoodie you can tie around your waist. One stylish approach is a scarf. You can wear it loose around your neck during the hotter parts of the day then wrap it tighter or even wear it as a shawl when the temperature starts to dip.

As far as footwear is concerned, leave the heels at home. You want practical shoes but you don’t necessarily need to wear sneakers. Nice sandals or flats will look cute with your ensemble. If you’d like a little more coverage for your feet, try a pair of flat boots. You won’t have to worry about the dirt fairgrounds and you’ll have a nice country chic look.

When packing up all your must haves for the day, try a large crossbody bag. It will help to alleviate some shoulder stress by balancing the weight across your body. Not to mention all the space that’s available for the cute one of a kind jewelry you might buy!

You can find great scarves and bags, along with other accessories, at Chicastic. Get a few helpful items to make your fair the best it can be.

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