Throwback Thursday- Troop Beverly Hills

Troop Beverly Hills was a fun movie about a group of Wilderness Girls. Shelley Long’s character, troop leader Phyllis, was super into fashion. Some of her outfits were a little over the top, but she did have quite the sense of style. Her love of fashion even inspired her to update her uniform to look more chic.

It’s been 25 years since the movie came out and we wonder, if Phyllis was leading a troop of Wilderness Girls today, what would she style them in?

Well khaki is a must. It’s the base of the uniform and she wouldn’t stray that drastically from the original. Hiking boots would be the preferred footwear. For the kerchief, however, she might switch that up and use a silk scarf instead. Aside from it being a more fashionable choice, it’s a practical one. A scarf can be used to keep you warm, tie back your hair, or even to help strap a brace around a broken bone.

The next item would be some sort of hat. Back in the day the girls were wearing berets. Today maybe she’d style them in a fisherman cap to give them a cooler vibe and to keep the sun out of their eyes. They would also need somewhere to store their essentials like water, food, and maps. Phyllis could give them chic bags for their mini hikes like this small beige backpack.

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Troop Beverly Hills


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