Eighties Party Outfit Ideas

We love a party with a theme and one fun theme is the eighties. Use it for your birthday, a bachelorette party, or attend an eighties dance night at a club. Whatever the event, here are some tips to help you look the part.

The eighties had a few key elements when it came to fashion. Shiny metallic fabrics, bright colors, layered accessories, and awesome hair. When picking out your ensemble, a great icon to use as a reference is Madonna. She rocked quite a few corsets in that decade. You can try her “Like a Virgin” look and wear a lacy white corset with a poofy white skirt. Or try her edgier look by wearing a black corset and black lace gloves.

If you want to go the shiny route, try a metallic corset top with a skirt and leggings. If you prefer to play up the bright colors of this decade, incorporate them through off one shoulder shirts, slouchy socks, or headbands.

Whatever eighties look you decide to try, make sure to layer on the jewelry. Also, a side pony tail or crimped hair is key. If you don’t have a crimping iron, which we are going to assume yours is broken by now, take a section of wet hair and make tiny braids. When your hair is dry, take out the braid and you’ll have a crimped effect.

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