Office Shoes

You have work the next day and you’re deciding what to wear. Pants? Maybe a dress or skirt? Now you have to figure out your accessories, bag, and shoes. The jewelry and purse are the easy part. The shoes, however, will affect how comfortable you are all day.

Every office has a different dress code. Some are very strict on what’s acceptable business attire and some are extremely casual allowing jeans and sneakers. But for those in between work environments, what should you wear on your feet? Well the first question to ask is will you be on your feet all day or walking a lot? If so, we suggest flats, wedges, or shoes that have a low wide heel.

If you aren’t standing all day or making laps around your office, you can have a little more fun. Try a metallic colored high heel pump with some bling on it. To keep the look office appropriate, we suggest wearing it with a dark pant, toned down shirt, and minimal accessories. Another fun option is a suede rhinestone embellished peep toe. It’s not as bold as the metallic pump but it’s still a playful office shoe.  It’s available in black, navy and beige which are easy to wear office colors.  We recommend pants for this heel as well, but the top doesn’t need to be toned down as much.

What’s great about these shoes is that you can easily transition them for a night out, or wear them with your favorite dress for a wedding or other event.  Go to Chicastic and find the perfect heel for your office and evening looks.

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