Throwback Thursday- Dirty Dancing

Everyone remembers the lift scene in Dirty Dancing. Johnny Castle is going to do his kind of dancing and with a great partner, who is dressed beautifully might we add. We wonder, if that dance sequence happened today, what would Frances “Baby” Houseman wear?

She’d need a figure flattering dress, but one that had a great flowy ease to it. Perhaps a coral v-neck chiffon dress with beautiful draping would do the trick. It’s not overlay fancy for the end of the season event, but still elegant.

If she’s doing all that dancing, she would need a dress shoe with straps. We wouldn’t want her taking anyone out with her heels during that spectacular move. T-strap peep toe high heels would work wonderfully. Baby could even wear ones that have rhinestone embellishments to get a little more attention on her fancy footwork.

When it comes to accessories we think she’d stick with simple pearl or diamond stud earrings. Bracelets, necklaces, or dangle earrings would be distracting or get in the way of some of the dance moves. But since she’d reign in her jewelry, she could go full out on her purse. A gold rhinestone studded octagon hard box clutch would be amazing. Sure, it’s not big enough to carry a watermelon, but it is big enough to hold her evening essentials. Baby wasn’t an ostentatious person, so you might think the clutch purse is a little much for her, but we are tired of people putting baby in a corner. We think she deserves to have a purse that is as pretty as she is, inside and out.

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Dirty Dancing


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